Service Robot/ Social Robot

A business's success relies on customer experience, including pre-sales services, data collection, in-store shopping experience, after-sales relationship management, etc.
is an intelligent cloud-based service robot for retail, education, healthcare and hospitality. Sanbot can be applied to a variety of services: to support patients in health care institutions, to deliver orders in restaurants, to provide reception and room service in hotels, as a concierge in reception/ info counter.


Sanbot equipped with over 50 sensors, user can sit back and watch it navigate the room. Sanbot comes with packing Android SDK that give user access to an App store filled with hundreds of Apps. With an Open API that enables developers to build Android App and machine-learning capability, businesses can deliver interactive services that increase customer experience.

Anewtech-service-robot-sanbot-appliction-security   Anewtech-service-robot-sanbot-appliction-retail
Security Retail

Anewtech-service-robot-sanbot-appliction-education   Anewtech-service-robot-sanbot-appliction-restaurant
Education Restaurant

What can sanbot do?

Sanbot App: Lucky draw
User can set the prize quantity and wining percentage as well as upload the prize images.

Sanbot App: Survey System
Support Text to Speech (Sanbot can read welcome page message, survey questions, and end page message)

Sanbot Entertainment App: Dance, Music, Movie
Sanbot can dance, play music, play movie, etc

Sanbot Application: Event Host
With built-in projector, Sanbot can project the agenda and welcome the speaker (in video format)

Sanbot Application: Advertising & Promotion 
Sanbot can walk around and play promotional materials.

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Remote control App: Q-Link (Mobile/ Desktop)
Sanbot can be controlled from anywhere, using the Q-Link mobile or desktop App. Q-Link also support live-stream video, convert text to voice message, change Sanbot facial expression, etc.

10.1” HD Touch Screen

Animated waving arms have a lighting display with 250 colors to choose from

360-degree Wrap-Around technology, utilizing over 60 sensors

Equipped with a unique 3-D camera, Sanbot can read your every gesture and pose

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