Anewtech provides cost-effective and time-to-market Design and Manufacturing Services (DMS). The DMS offers product customization from core modular designs to finished products based on customers’ specifications. With decades of industrial computing experience, Anewtech has the capability to provide different levels of customized service to manufacture innovative products. The levels of the service include manufacturing new system based products to fulfil customers’ unique applications.


Unique DMS Features

With vast experience, the know-how, leading technology and innovative design capabilities, Anewtech DMS incorporates the following features:

  • Prompt Time-to-Market
  • Flexible Design and Manufacturing
  • Rigid Quality Control
  • Extensive DMS Experience


Customization to Order Service (CTOS)

Anewtech also provides CTOS, which is a quick-to-market solution by modifying the existing products to fit your business requirements, such as BIOS setting, component change by using current PCM layout, chassis color change, and packing accessories etc.