Wearable Barcode Ring

AD-LEO-W wearable barcode ring is an ultra-compact barcode scanner that can be worn on a finger for hands-free scanning. It is designed to streamline workflows for factories, warehouses, hospitals, retail stores, and more, for inventory management applications.

  • Lightweight (33 g) and ergonomic wearable ring design
  • Battery supports 8 hours or 6000 scans (5 seconds per scan) for long-duration use in typical shift work
  • Rugged industrial design with IP54 rating and 1m drop protection
  • Can be worn on either the left or right hand with interchangeable ring straps in 5 sizes to ensure flexible wear
  • Physical button avoids trigger errors and power waste
  • Magnetic connector enables easy battery recharging and eliminates cable bending issues


LEO-W wearable 1D barcode scanner ring is designed to provide a unique solution for inventory picking, where worker productivity, comfort, and safety are vastly improved by having both hands free. LEO-W is a lightweight (33 g) and compact 1D barcode scanner that can be worn as a ring on the left or right hand.


With the durability for industrial applications and the portability for flexible use, AD-LEO-W provides the ideal mobile data collection solution for easy deployment and workflow optimization in a wide range of industry sectors.