Compact All-in-One Kiosk for Enhanced Self-Service Applications

AD-UTK-615, a modular self-service kiosk aimed at indoor self-ordering applications, is powered by a Rockchip ARM® Cortex™-A17 RK3288 or Baytrail J1900 processor. The system features a 15.6” touchscreen with projected capacitive touch control, as well as a QR code scanner, NFC reader, and thermal printer to support a wide range of payment methods. Built for 24/7 operation and to satisfy the diverse requirements of self-service applications, AD-UTK-615 terminals can be customized and integrated with optional modules that extend the system functions.

The innovative kiosk is also equipped with VESA mount holes that are compatible with diverse mount options (wall, tabletop, and wheeled floor stand) to ensure easy and flexible deployment in small or medium-size venues with limited installation space. Moreover, for added installation flexibility, AD-UTK-615 features a hot-swappable battery module that eliminates wiring limitations, making it a truly mobile self-service kiosk that can be quickly deployed in various environments, such as at exhibitions/trade shows, concerts, hotels, and retail stores.



Easy Operation with P-CAP Touchscreen and LED Indicators
AD-UTK-615 is built to provide a high-performance mobile self-service kiosk that can be employed in a wide range of indoor environments. To ensure easy operation and navigation, the UTK-615 kiosk features a 15.6” P-CAP touchscreen and colorful eye-catching LED indicators that help customers follow the self-service procedures.   

Modularized Design Ensures Convenient Maintenance and Upgrades
AD-UTK-615 kiosk is a modular system that can be flexibly configured and installed with different mount options according to specific usage requirements. The modular design allows the system to be easily maintained and upgraded to suit a range of service needs. Moreover, with the integration of optional extension modules, such as facial recognition and voice guidance modules, the system functionalities can be extended for diverse applications.      

Enhanced Service with More Efficient Resource Allocation
For business owners and managers, AD-UTK-615 can improve the customer experience by enabling self-service applications. This minimizes customer wait times, increases order accuracy, and boosts service efficiency while reducing the human resources required to staff the venue.