IIoT LoRaWAN Wireless I/O Solution

LoRaWAN provides a device-to-cloud solution by simply sending collected data through the LoRa gateway to the cloud. It supports both public LoRaWAN and private LoRaWAN solutions. With Edgelink inside the gateway, it also helps users simply plug-and-play without worrying about data parsing process.

In global community networks, routing data between devices and application servers, and connecting things to cloud enables big data analysis. AD-WISE-6610 plays a key role in connecting sensor devices to the cloud. With network service providers like “The Things Network” or WISE-PaaS EdgeLink, AD-WISE-6610 utilizes data collection to perform intelligent Internet of Things applications.



To provide a complete solution, AD-WISE-4610 features an IP65 enclosure with M12 connectors, solar panel rechargeable battery, and low-power consumption to make it as one of the best applications for outdoor deployment scenarios like smart agriculture and cities.

AD-WISE-4610 is independent; users do not have to worry about the signal coverage of base stations once the gateway deployed. Not only can users build either private networks or public networks, but they also enjoy the high flexibility of infrastructure deployment. The most important feature if that WISE-4610 offers a variety of I/O combinations. We provide device solutions with a wireless interface and added I/O to collect data from monitoring to the servers. With modularization features, you can customize WISE-4610 to any kind of I/O combination for an array of IIOT scenarios.


Anewtech-lorawan-Advantech-Wireless-IO-Module-argicultureApplication: Smart Agriculture

The architecture of the LoRaWAN solution in smart agriculture connects sensors with the AD-WISE-4610 outdoor LoRaWAN I/O node and sends the data through a gateway to the cloud. In this use case, the application collects temperature, humidity, and soil PH data to better understand the environmental situation. AD-WISE-4610 outdoor LoRaWAN I/O node is designed with solar panel rechargeable batteries to make the solution more independent.

Users can add a solar panel with the AD-WISE-4610 node to fulfill a power source need. AD-WISE-4610 is designed with an IP65 enclosure and M12 connectors to offer an optimal fit for outdoor applications.

  • Flexibility of deployment without worrying about signal coverage
  • No monthly payment by using LoRa network
  • Solar powered or solar rechargeable battery to make the device more independent
  • Allows farmers to minimize resources such as water and fertilizers
  • Upgraded data collection process helps with wireless monitoring and control
  • Cost effective