LPWAN Wireless, Compact, Self-Powered Nodes for IoT Application

Self-powered with LPWAN technology are ideal for sustainable factory, building applications. No cables or batteries are required for switching or for collecting power current information such as pumps, servers, machine tools or presence detection. Self-powered LPWAN networks save resources by using fewer cables and eliminating the need for batteries.

Model Available:

  • AD-WISE-2210: Powered by maximum 3 CT (Current Transformer), performs remote monitoring of machine power current
  • AD-WISE-2211: Powered by maximum 3 DC output sensors, collects relevant data, such as temperature, humidity, and water pressure levels

Utilizing low-power, wide-area networks (LPWAN), AD-WISE-2210 (CT node) and AD-WISE-2211 (wireless sensor node) offer both long-distance wireless data transmission and low-power consumption that is ideally suited to energy management, power measurement, and equipment performance analysis.

LPWAN Connectivity and Self-Powered Electricity without Extra Wiring

For large-scale environments, such as factories, warehouses, and heavy industry, AD-WISE-2210/2211 supports self-powered electricity and a wireless LPWAN featuring a transmission range of up to 500 meters; offering superior coverage, better penetration, and less signal interference compared to 2.4GHz, without the hassle of complex communication and power wiring.

Full CT Integration for Easily Gauging Power Current Levels

The AD-WISE-2210 node offers full, direct integration with current transformers (CT); enabling the machinery power current level to be gauged effortlessly. Users can significantly improve energy management and better analyze the performance of critical equipment.   

Anewtech-wireless-ap-AD-wise-4210A Device-to-Cloud Total Solution

AD-WISE-2210/2211 works together with AD-WISE-4210-AP for a total device-to-cloud solution. With Modbus, MQTT, and RESTful web API protocol support, it’s easier and faster to update relevant data to the database, SCADA, or cloud.

Transmitting data from the AD-WISE 2210/2211 node to WISE-4210-AP enables simultaneous management of up to 64 nodes—greatly simplifying the management of key infrastructure and minimizing total installation space.