Proprietary LPWAN and Private LoRa Solution

LPWAN technology is suitable for applications requiring low-data-rate and long-range data transmission while maintaining long battery life with minimal cost and low levels of interference. We provide several LPWAN and LoRa device standards to meet different long-range sensing requirements.





Proprietary LPWAN Private LoRa
  • Compact size with cost-effective design
  • Less interference and longer range for indoor applications
  • 5 year life span with 3.6 V AA battery
  • Integrated with public and private cloud services


  • IP65-rated protection against water ingress
  • 5 km long-range communication
  • Solar-rechargeable battery
  • GPS location tracking


Anewtech-Advantech-sensor-device-lpwan Anewtech-Advantech-sensor-device-lorawan
How Can LPWAN and LoRa Drive IoT?
Factory Environment Monitoring Sewage Discharge Monitoring
  • Easy to achieve LPWAN signal coverage
  • Improved signal and lower interference than 2.4 GHz signals
  • Cable-less design
  • AD-WISE-4210-AP supports Modbus, RESTful, and MQTT for integration with public or private cloud


  • LoRa signal coverage for sewage water treatment plants or industrial campuses
  •  IP65 housing and GPS support for outdoor installation
  • Solar panel rechargeable battery for continuous monitoring


IoT Wireless Sensor Node

Proprietary Private LoRa

WISE-4210 LPWAN Access Point

LoRaWAN Gateway

  • AD-WISE-6610
    LoRaWAN Gateway support up to 500 nodes with 868MHz/ 915MHz/ 923MHz

WISE-4210 End Node

  • AD-WISE-4210
    Proprietary LPWAN/SUB-G Wireless I/O Module
  • AD-WISE-4210-S231
    LPWAN Wireless I/O Module with Temperature/ Humidity Sensor
  • AD-WISE-S251
    Modular I/O module to pair with AD-WISE-4210.
    6-ch DI with RS-485
  • AD-WISE-S214
    Modular I/O module to pair with AD-WISE-4210.
    4-ch AI and 4-ch DI

WISE-4610 End Node

  • AD-WISE-4610
    Outdoor LoRa/LoRaWAN Wireless I/O Module
  • AD-WISE-S672
    Modular I/O module to pair with AD-WISE-4610.
    2 serial ports and 6-ch DI
    M12 Connectors
  • AD-WISE-S614
    Modular I/O module to pair with AD-WISE-4610.
    4-ch AI and 4-ch DI
    M12 Connectors