Proprietary LPWAN IoT Wireless I/O Module

Low Power Wide Area Networks (LPWAN) are created for Machine-to-Machine (M2M) and Internet of Things (IoT) networks. They are not a single technology, but rather a variety of low-power, wide area network technologies.

Compared with a traditional mobile network, LPWANs are known for offering lower cost with higher power efficiency. AD-WISE-4210 series is a proprietary LPWAN providing a superior connection compared with traditional 2.4G WiFi. AD-WISE-4210 series is helpful in eliminating network interference.

Additionally, AD-WISE-4210 utilizes a LPWAN wireless interface, which has a kilometer-long communication distance. LPWAN makes WISE modules an ideal solution for energy and utility monitoring.


Anewtech-LPWAN-IoT-Wireless-wise-2210 Anewtech-LPWAN-IoT-Wireless-4210 Anewtech-LPWAN-IoT-Wireless-4210-ap
AD-WISE-2210 / WISE-2211
Propriety LPWAN (SUB-G) Self-Powered Analog Input Modules
Industrial Proprietary LPWAN (SUB-G) Wireless I/O Module
MQTT and RESTful API IoT Protocol Support
Powered by a maximum of 3 CT (Current Transformer), no cables or batteries are required for collecting power current information from pumps, servers, or machine tools. With a 3.6V AA lithium battery, the sensor node can maintain communication at distance of 3 km for up to 5 years, thereby eliminating the need to recharge or change batteries. Users can organize their own network with 64 paired nodes. Data on a star network passes through WISE-4210-AP before continuing to its destination. WISE-4210-AP with a LAN cable manages and controls most network functions.