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Edge Computing Anewtech-Edge-computing

Edge Solution-Ready Platform that equipped with different edge computing, edge analytics ability, and numerous services to satisfy the market need right away

Embedded IoT Gateway Anewtech-embedded-iot-Embedded-IoT-Gateway

Embedded IoT Gateway series is design with Intelligent Gateway concept. Intelligent Gateway platforms built with reliable hardware that are efficient and easy to integrate with back-end operating systems.

Wireless IoT Node/ Extension Board Anewtech-embedded-iot-Wireless-IoT-Nodes

Different wireless IoT nodes such as LoRa, Bluetooth, WiFi, NB-IoT and Sigfox that can support multi-interface, data acquisition, power management and flexible configuration for diverse applications.

Wireless Module Anewtech-embedded-iot-Wireless-Modules

Wireless Module include BT, WLAN, 3G/4G and GPS modules, which combine embedded modules with software as a package for embedded vertical applications.