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UHF Data Carrier Anewtech-industrial-UHF-rfid-data-carrier

UHF data carriers conform to the highest industrial requirements. They are built to withstand high temperatures, humidity, chemicals, and still reliably detect even in metal surroundings.

UHF Processor Unit Anewtech-industrial-UHF-rfid-processor-unit

BIS U processor unit is flexible and allows mixed operation of all product families (BIS M, BIS L, BIS C, BIS U). Up to four read/write heads can be operated simultaneously per BIS U processor unit.

UHF Read/Write Head and Antenna Anewtech-industrial-UHF-rfid-head-Antenna

UHF read/write heads and antennas are scalable. Many different versions are available for different detection ranges and applications. The range depends on the combination of read/write head or antenna, the data carrier, and on the configuration of the processor unit.