TDU 310

Triple Reference Dual Redundant Time Signal Distribution Unit



  • 3 x Dual redundant, optically isolated input references with automatic fault driven changeover
  • Have Quick, BCD and 1PPS outputs compliant with ICD-GPS-060
  • 1 PPS source impedance selection.  Low or 50 Ohm
  • BCD time code signal level selection  RS232 or RS422
  • Fully buffered and short circuit protected outputs
  • 1U 19” rack mount
  • Standard mains PSU 115/230 VAC with alternative options for 12, 24 or 48 VDC



The TDU-310 delivers automatic or manually selected dual redundant timing signal buffering and distribution across 40 outputs from a twin optically isolated banks comprising 2 x 3 independent time signal inputs, namely 1PPS, Have Quick and 50 bit/sec BCD time code. Output signal reference selection combinations are link configurable in groups of 5 (BNC) or 10 (D Type) delivering a total of 40 buffered signals compliant with ICD-GPS-060 across 2 x 10 BNCs and a 50W D type connector.

The independent reference inputs are supported with fault monitoring and automatic switchover to the backup reference should the primary source(s) fail. In addition, Time fault discrete inputs facilitate reference changeover in response to external system signals. An automatic mode disable facility is available via a front panel switch facilitating manual override selection of the reference input bank.

The 1PPS output pulse width is set to 20µs independent of the input pulse width with each output individually link selectable for either a low or 50 ohm buffer drive source impedance. BCD time code outputs conform to EIA RS232 & RS422 standards and are link selectable for either single ended RS232 levels or differential RS422 levels.



  • Inputs : 2 x 3 Reference sources : 1 PPS, Have Quick, 50 BPS BCD Timecode
  • Outputs : 4 groups of 5 and 2 groups of 10, link configured to select required reference source.
  • Fault and mode status indication, manual override indication