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Anewtech immersion-cooling server solutions

Liquid Cooling Solutions

Liquid cooling is becoming a critical technology that will be needed as CPUs and GPUs run faster and hotter. Removing the heat generated by the latest generation of CPUs and GPUs reduces compute jitter and reduces OPEX for data center operators. While there is an initial upfront investment, the savings over the life of a server or storage system will exceed the original costs.


Next-generation processors are expected to consume even more power and produce more heat than today's high-end processors. As HPC and AI move into mainstream corporate workloads, Liquid Cooling solutions will play an even more significant role in adopting these new technologies.

Types of Liquid Cooling

Anewtech immersion-cooling server solutions

Direct To Chip

Liquid passes directly on the surface of a chip and draws heat away. The liquid is then cooled through a liquid to liquid heat exchanger, either contained within the rack or externally.

Anewtech immersion-cooling server solutions

Immersive Cooling

The entire system is immersed in a liquid which cools all components. The warm liquid is then chilled and brought back into the tank.

Anewtech immersion-cooling server solutions

Rear Door Heat Exchanger

The rear door of a rack contains several fans that draw hot air away from the servers and cool the air before the air is returned to the data centre. The cooling liquid is then chilled externally to the door.

Benefits of Different Liquid Cooling Options

Method of Cooling Direct To Chip Immersion Rear Door Heat Exchanger
Primary Benefit Range of Servers can be used Most Efficient Least Disruptive
Secondary Benefit Lower fan speed, noise Lowest/No Noise Can be installed later

Servers Available with Liquid Cooling

Anewtech immersion-cooling server solutions

Advantages of Liquid Cooling

  • Switching from Air Conditioning to More Effective Liquid Cooling Reduces OPEX by more than 40%
  • Liquid Cooling Efficiency Dramatically Improves the PUE of Data Centers for High Performance, High Power CPUs, and GPUs
  • Reduces Costs and Environmental Impact


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