Development Board for M2.COM Module



  • Supports M2.COM module
  • 1 RS-232/422/485, 1 USB OTG
  • 2 I2C, 1 I2S, 8 GPIO, 2 PWM, 2 ADC
  • 1 SD card slot
  • On board Humidity/Temperature sensor


AD-WISE-DB1500 is an evaluation carrier board designed for the M2.COM module. It is compatible with the M2.COM module AD-WISE-1520 and has rich I/O interfaces for evaluation and development. AD-WISE-DB1500 is an ideal development board for evaluating IoT applications, such as sensor node, smart metering and control node.

AD-WISE-DB1500 is released along with M2,COM carrier board design documents: Carrier Board Design Guide, Layout, Schematic Checklist, and also the reference board schematics are ready for you to start your own carrier board design.