BIS00ER (BIS M-451-007-001-00-S115)

HF read/write heads (13.56 MHz) with integrate d processor unit. Interface: RS232



  • BIS M uses the high frequency (HF) 13.56 MHz and supports the standard according to DIN ISO 15693
  • Read heads with an integrated processor unit can be connected directly to the higher-level control system via IO-Link, RS232, TCP/IP or via Serial Subnet 16
  • The diverse configurations, dimensions, and variants with separate or integrated read heads allow you to meet most requirements



Product group HF (13.56 MHz)
Dimension 80 x 40 x 84.5 mm
Antenna type Rod
Operating voltage Ub 19.2...26.4 VDC
Ambient temperature 0...70 °C
Housing material PBT
Interface RS232
Connection (RS232/TP OUT): M12x1-Male, 8-pole
IP rating IP67
Installation with clear zone (in steel)
Approval/Conformity CE, UL-FILE E227256, Vol.X1, BIS