BIS00ZA (BIS M-626-069-A01-06-ST32)

HF processor units (13.56 MHz). Interface: Industrial Ethernet/Ethernet TCP/IP/MODBUS TCP

Anewtech Systems Balluff Industrial HF RFID System HF RFID Processor Unit BIS00ZA


  • BIS M uses the high frequency (HF) 13.56 MHz and supports the standard according to DIN ISO 15693
  • The processor units process the data captured by the read heads and relay it to the industrial fieldbus, which communicates with the PLC/PC
  • With type BIS V processor units, you can operate up to four read heads at once – regardless of whether they are LF, HF or UHF



Product group HF (13.56 MHz)
Interface Industrial Ethernet/Ethernet TCP/IP/MODBUS TCP
Operating voltage Ub 19.2...28.8 VDC
Housing material Aluminum
Ambient temperature -20...50 °C
IP rating IP65 with connector
Approval/Conformity CE, UL-FILE E227256, Vol.X1, BIS