BIS00WL (BIS M-372-000-A01)

HF read/write heads and antennas (13.56 MHz). Antenna type: Block

Anewtech Systems Balluff Industrial HF RFID System HF Read/Write Head and Antenna BIS00WL


  • BIS M uses the high frequency (HF) 13.56 MHz and supports the standard according to DIN ISO 15693 and 14443
  • Read/write heads are the link between the data carrier and the processor unit. BIS M read/write heads provide absolute data security
  • These are available in a wide variety of configurations, dimensions – for example, as round/rod antennas, which means they can meet varied requirements



Product group HF (13.56 MHz)
Dimension 200 x 42.4 x 218 mm
Antenna type Block
Connection RCA
Ambient temperature -20...50°C
Housing material PA
IP rating IP65
Installation Observe clear zone
Approval/Conformity CE