BAE00UP (BIS M-870-1-008-X-001-3001)

Portable HF read/write units (13.56 MHz). Display: TFT Touchscreen-Display (color): 480x640 VGA resolution



  • BIS M uses the high frequency (HF) 13.56 MHz and supports the standard according to DIN ISO 15693
  • The handheld device is used for the mobile reading and writing of BIS M data carriers, particularly in poor lighting conditions and harsh environments. It can also be operated via touchscreen
  • The data is transferred to the external system via Wi-Fi, Bluetooth or a cable-connected USB port



Product group HF (13.56 MHz)
Dimension 100 x 69 x 265 mm
Antenna type Round
Display TFT Touchscreen-Display (color): 480x640 VGA resolution
Keypad 52 keys, alphanumeric
Operating voltage Ub 3.7 V DC rechargeable battery pack
Operating voltage, note Battery pack
Ambient temperature -10...50 °C
Storage temperature -40...60 °C
IP rating IP65
Approval/Conformity CE