Name Product Image Description
UHF Processor Unit Anewtech-industrial-UHF-rfid-processor-unit

BIS U processor unit is flexible and allows mixed operation of all product families (BIS M, BIS L, BIS C, BIS U). Up to four read/write heads can be operated simultaneously per BIS U processor unit.

UHF Data Carrier Anewtech-industrial-UHF-rfid-data-carrier

UHF data carriers conform to the highest industrial requirements. They are built to withstand high temperatures, humidity, chemicals, and still reliably detect even in metal surroundings.

Portable UHF Read/Write Unit Anewtech-industrial-UHF-rfid-portable-reader

Portable UHF read/write units are designed for portable reading and writing of BIS U data carriers. They are used with manual quality control or to document a maintenance procedure.

UHF Read/Write Head and Antenna Anewtech-industrial-UHF-rfid-head-Antenna

UHF read/write heads and antennas are scalable. Many different versions are available for different detection ranges and applications. The range depends on the combination of read/write head or antenna, the data carrier, and on the configuration of the processor unit.