BIS016W (BIS U-180-A0/C1M)

UHF data carriers (860/960 MHz). User memory type: EEPROM



  • BIS U for 860 to 960 MHz offers UHF data carriers in a wide range of variants for many different applications
  • For direct mounting on metal, for tool identification, for use at high temperatures and for disposable solutions as a self-adhesive UHF label



Product group UHF (860...960 MHz)
Dimension 5.95 x 1.3 x 57.1 mm
User memory type EEPROM
User memory, writeable 512 Bit
EPC memory, writeable 96 Bit
TID memory, read only 64Bit
Working frequency 902…928 MHz
Storage temperature -40...120 °C
Ambient temperature -40...85 °C
Housing material Epoxy resin-glass fiber, flame-retardant
IP rating IP68
Approval/Conformity CE