BIS015Z (BIS VU-320-C0-S4)

UHF read/write heads and antennas (860/960 MHz). Interface: RS485



  • BIS U for 860 to 960 MHz offers UHF antennas and read/write heads in country-specific variants. This makes it possible to optimally solve different application scenarios
  • The power at the antenna or head connection can be adjusted easily using the processor unit



Product group UHF (860...960 MHz)
Dimension 271 x 42.5 x 271 mm
Working frequency EU 865…868 MHz
Interface RS485
Operating voltage Ub 24 V DC LPS Class 2
Ambient temperature -20...55 °C
Housing material PC ABS, zinc, die-cast, (connector)
IP rating IP67
Approval/Conformity CE, ETSI EN 302 208