2U JBOD/JBOF Rugged Storage, MIL-STD-810, MIL-STD-461 certified



  • CPU: 32 lanes of PCIe uplink to a rugged server
  • PCIe:  Direct end-to-end PCIe without translation
  • Transfer Rate: Up to 27 GB/s read/write speeds
  • Storage: 24 NVMe U.2 SSD Drives
  • Size:  2U | 16.2" deep




CPU 32 lanes of PCIe uplink to a rugged server
PCIe Direct end-to-end PCIe without translation
Transfer Rate Up to 27 GB/s read/write speeds
Storage 24 NVMe U.2 SSD Drives
Size 2U | 16.2" deep
Anewtech-rugged-military-computer-2U-JBOD-Rugged-storage24 U.2 NVMe SSDs
Exceptional performance with the latest NVMe SSDs in a U.2 form factor which offers a higher maximum storage capacity with full redundancy.
Anewtech-rugged-military-computer-2U-JBOD-Rugged-PCIeNative end-to-end PCIe
No adapters or switches that convert signals means reduced latency. Much faster than your traditional SATA/SAS drives!
Anewtech-rugged-military-computer-2U-JBOD-Rugged-storage-LightningLightning Fast
Effective bandwidth of this system is 27GB/s. 8 separate NVMe drives all running independent of each other, each with their own native PCIe paths to the CPUs.



Anewtech-rugged-military-computer-2U-JBOD-Rugged-storage-ProcessorProcessor Board Agnostic
You can use any processor board of your choice. Actually, you can use up to two of them with our JBOD solution.
Anewtech-rugged-military-computer-2U-JBOD-Rugged-storage-controlYou're in control
A GbE management port allows you to connect straight to the BMC for system monitoring and control which connects to the integrated baseband controller.
Anewtech-rugged-military-computer-2U-JBOD-Rugged-storageNo Tools Required
Remove drives individually or in groups of eight SSDs at once with our innovative magazine design.