Name Product Image Description
NTP Network Time Server Anewtech-time-and-frequency-NTP80

Stratum 1 & 2 NTP network time server units and NTP master clocks use NTP (Network Time Protocol) for network time synchronisation, delivering quality, reliability and accuracy.

Precision PTP Anewtech-time-and-frequency-PTP80-ELITE

PTP: IEEE1588 v2 Precise Time Protocol is the latest standard for synchronizing packet-based networks to ensure accurate and reliable time distribution for varied applications.

Modular Timing System Anewtech-time-and-frequency-M210

Stratum 1 & 2 modular master clocks deliver and underpin quality, reliability, and accuracy in high integrity master clock applications and timing racks.

Time and Frequency Standard Anewtech-time-and-frequency-NFS-220

A class-leading range of ultra precision and accurate frequency standard references to meet the demanding timing needs of our global customer base.

Frequency Distribution Anewtech-time-and-frequency-FDU-240

A broad range of quality Frequency Distribution Units that have gained a worldwide reputation for their reliability, flexibility and low phase noise in critical timing applications.

Time Signal Distribution Anewtech-time-and-frequency-PDU-240

Quality Time Signal Distribution Units enjoying worldwide recognition for their reliability and flexibility in critical timing systems.

Display Clock Anewtech-time-and-frequency-M355

A broad range of high quality, high durability public display and console clocks that deliver exceptional MTBF lifetime performance.