Multi Redundancy Stratum 1 GPS Modular Master Clock System



The MMC Modular Master Clock System is a high performance, master timing system offering multi-redundancy, hot swappable input and output signal modules with user configurable signal routing, selection and formatting.

Developed around cutting edge military requirements, the MMC system offers unsurpassed levels of cyber security, signalling flexibility and expansion capacity in a robust package driven from an intuitive colour touch panel interface with 12 slot internal I/O expansion capacity for the 2U version and 6 slot expansion for the 1U version.

Both variants can be entirely configured and operated via a highly secure Ethernet based remote interface or via the password encrypted and protected GUI which also provides fault logging and alarms (integral time of day display and optional umbilical GUI available with the 1U version).



Item Description
Options & Features
  • Multi redundant design with multiple signal path routing for maximum availability
  • 12 (2U) & 6 (1U) expansions slots : All modules are hot-swappable and are dual redundant
  • Unique automatic continuous GPS signal integrity checking
  • Front loading hot swap functional modules with hinged front panel negate rear cable disconnect disturbances
  • A range of rear panel connector modules accommodate system design preferences
  • Hitless change over signal switching under fault redundancy selection conditions
  • Automatic propagation delay compensation over duplex fiber link - programmable for all other signals
  • Module Specific User programmable signal configurations for future proofing and system expansion
  • Unique optical crosslink architecture for either Master-Slave hierarchical setups or Master-Master cross checking and fail over
Input Signal Options
  • Oscillator options : CSAC, Rubidium or OCXO
  • Optional C/A Code 14 channel GPS : GPS L1 C/A SBAS L1 C/A - 15ns accuracy
  • Optional SAASM GPS  - GB-GRAM Type II
  • External 1PPS - Per ICD-GPS-060B
  • External GPS Have Quick Timecode - Per ICD-GPS-060A, STANAG 4246 HQ2A
  • External IRIG B - Per IRIG 200-04  (IEEE1344). IRIG BCD 124, B125, B126, B127
  • External 10MHz Reference
Output Signal Options  
  • 1PPS & 1PPM : Rise time < 20ns : < 100ns fall time
  •  HaveQuick Time of Day : < 100ns coherence of 1PPS on time rising edge
  • BCD Time Code Output  - 50 bits per second
  • Time Code Outputs - IRIG B - B002, B122, B124 + IRIG A, G, H and NASA 36
  • 2137 - 1 KHz Modulated
  •  XR3 - < 100ns coherence of 1PPS on time rising edge
  • Synthesised Programmable Outputs : 250Hz to 33MHz, 1Hz resolution with precision 8KHz multiples for telecoms
  • Low Phase Noise Analogue Outputs : 1, 5 and 10MHz Sinusoid : <60dBc Harmonic distortion
  • NTP server : NTPv3 [RFC1305] and NTPv4 [RFC5905]

Typical Applications

MMC installations are generally high integrity customer tailored master timing systems that deliver unsurpassed accuracy with intrinsic provision for future adaptation and expansion.

The unique, industry leading MMC modular architecture allows the customer to combine their ideal combination of master timing signal sources with a programmable array of preferred precision output signals and connection methods, thereby making the unit an ideal generic master clock of choice for high integrity and complex system designs.