PTP IEEE 1588 Enhanced Network Slave Client Clock



  • 19” 1U Rack mount versions available with single or dual redundant power supplies
  • High stability OCXO safeguarding GPS loss/ holdover periods
  • IEEE 1588v2 Compliant :  2 x Ethernet 10/100 BaseT ports (RJ45)
  • Time of Day Serial Message via 9 way D-type connector @ RS232 & RS422 levels
  • Multiple output signals and formats that include 1PPS, 10MHz, E1/T1, IRIG-B and NTP
  • 1PPS output On Time Sync Signal
  • Comprehensive web browser for remote configuration and control
  • PTPv2 (IEEE 1588), NTP (RFC 1305), SNMP (RFC 1769),SNMP v1, SNMP v3 (RFC 2271) (RFC 1157),   Telnet (RFC 854), FTP (RFC 959), ANSI T1.101, GR-1244, HTTP (RFC 2616), Ipv4, ITU G.812,   G.813,G.823, G.824,G.703,G.704, TL1 (GR-831-CORE), TFTP (RFC 1350) IEEE 802.3



The PTP8 Enhanced Slave Network Time Client provides network operators and equipment manufacturers with a highly accurate packet-based timing and synchronisation solution. The PTP8 receives, decode and converts the PTP IEEE1588v2 protocol supplied across a packet network in to industry standard E1/T1, 1PPS, 10MHz, IRIG B and Serial Time Of Day (TOD) signals and messages.

Commonly deployed as a local network time client alongside the Stratum 1 PTP80 Grandmaster, the unit provides a rapid and seamless upgrade of existing network infrastructure to packet based timing and synchronisation enabling operators to lower upgrade costs when migrating from a TDM to Ethernet backhaul architecture.

The unit provides two standard RJ45 connections to a 100BASE-T network one for configuration, firmware uploads and providing NTP (Network Time Protocol) and the other for PTP connection to the master or Grandmaster PTP clock. The units are available as desk mount or provided in a 1U 19” rack mount chassis with single or dual power supply options.

A 9 way D type socket is available for RS232 connection for configuration, status and firmware upload purposes (115.2kbaud, no parity, 8 bit characters and 1 stop bit). 1PPS and 10MHz outputs are provided via two BNC 50 Ohm sockets. E1 or T1 output via 75 Ohm BNC socket and 120 Ohm at RJ45 connector.


Typical Applications

The PTP8 is commonly specified where precision, reliability and security are key considerations in the network application. These high integrity units are common place and thoroughly proven worldwide in PTP network timing applications where traceable, precision time stamping and time distribution is required.

  • Telecommunications : LTE & Ethernet/IP Backhaul
  • WiMAX
  • DAB/DVB broadcast transmitter synchronisation Research Institutions, Test and measurement facilities
  • HFT High Frequency Trading : Financial transaction time stamping
  • Power Utilities - Time of day information