PTP80 Elite

GPS based PTP GrandMaster, Boundary & Slave Clock



  • 12 Channel GNSS/GPS receiver synchronised - Standard and long Distance Antenna options
  • Constellation selections : GPS, GPS/GLONASS, GPS/BEIDOU
  • High stability OCXO and Rubidium disciplined oscillator options safeguard GPS loss/holdover periods
  • IEEE 1588v2 Compliant :  2 x Ethernet 10/100/1000 BaseT ports (RJ45 & SFP)
  • PTP Grandmaster element with configuration capability for up to 128 PTP clients
  • PTP Client element with configuration capability for PTP synchronisation from a GrandMaster clock
  • Time of Day Serial Message via RJ45 @ RS232 & RS422 levels
  • Multiple output signals and formats that include 10MHz, E1/T1, IRIG-B and NTP
  • 1pps output - +/- 50ns accuracy to UTC On Time Sync Signal (30ns RMS)
  • PTPv2 (IEEE 1588), NTP (RFC 1305), SNMP (RFC 1769),SNMP v1 (RFC 1157),Telnet (RFC 854),   FTP (RFC 959)



This Stratum 1 GNSS/GPS based PTP GrandMaster and Boundary time clock system is an advanced, cyber secure, high precision master clock timing platform that generates and distributes precisely synchronised time to PTP clients and slaves across packet networks using the PTP (Precision Time Protocol) in accordance with IEEE-1588v2.

The platform delivers excellent time and frequency accuracy using a tried and tested hardware based time stamping system which operates in combination with a choice of high precision disciplined oscillators serving to ensure precise time information is available even in the event of GPS signal loss. Units can be configured as GrandMaster, Boundary Clock or PTP slave while providing multiple output formats including 1PPS, 10MHz, E1/T1, IRIG-B and NTP (RFC1305).

Multiple PTP80 Elites can be configured for load sharing resilience and increased network support. Options include a choice of Oven Controlled or Rubidium oscillators together with a choice of standard or long distance antennae. Constellation options are user selectable via the 12 channel C/A GNSS/GPS antenna covering GPS, GPS/GLONASS & GPS/BEIDOU combinations.



Typical Applications

The PTP80 Elite is commonly specified where precision, reliability and cyber security are key considerations in the network application. These high integrity units are common place and thoroughly proven worldwide in PTP network timing applications where traceable, precision time stamping and time distribution is required.

  • Telecommunications : LTE & Ethernet/IP Backhaul
  • WiMAX
  • DAB/DVB broadcast transmitter synchronisation Research Institutions, Test and measurement facilities
  • HFT High Frequency Trading : Financial transaction time stamping
  • Power Utilities - Time of day information