Dual Redundant GPS Referenced Time & Frequency Standard



  • Dual redundant GPS Receivers with dual disciplined OCXOs
  • Optional dual NTP ports
  • Serial port timing data output
  • Automatic “hitless” source switchover under fault or signal loss conditions
  • 10 BaseT : TCP/IP, UDP, NTYPv3, HTTP, SNMP V1
  • 1U 19” rack mount
  • Dual Redundant Hot Swap Power Supplies



The RG-21xx is a range of dual redundant reference frequency generators that use the Global Positioning System (GPS) to steer two internal low phase noise oven controlled crystal oscillators OCXO’s. Once these oscillators become locked to the GPS timing signal, their inherent stability characteristics ensure precise timing and accuracy is maintained, even in the event of temporary GPS signal loss.

Each GPS Disciplined Module provides a set of 3 low phase noise 10 MHz sine waves, 1PPS and status/control signals to the user interface output rear panel. If a failure or signal loss is sensed in one of the dual redundant modules, the unit will automatically switch outputs to the other GPS Disciplined Module to provide continuous service.

These outputs are accurate daily to 1 x 10-12 when slaved to an internal GPS tracking receiver’s time. In addition to the dual GPS receivers and disciplined OCXOs, dual redundant hot swappable power supplies make the RG-21xx a sensible choice for high integrity installations such as military communications, telecommunications and satcom telecommunications, where accurate reference signal availability is essential.

RG-21xx units are also able to slave to an external 1PPS signal to steer, lock and hold an internal oscillator and clock system precisely in time. All units incorporate a serial data port to monitor time, date, position, GPS satellite health and signal strength information.. The RG-2111 unit is provided with secure dual network ports supporting NTP time server functionality whereas the RG-2110 is provided without NTP.


Typical Applications

The PTP80 Elite is commonly specified where precision, reliability and cyber security are key considerations in the network application. These high integrity units are common place and thoroughly proven worldwide in PTP network timing applications where traceable, precision time stamping and time distribution is required.

  • Telecommunications : LTE & Ethernet/IP Backhaul
  • WiMAX
  • DAB/DVB broadcast transmitter synchronisation Research Institutions, Test and measurement facilities
  • HFT High Frequency Trading : Financial transaction time stamping
  • Power Utilities - Time of day information


  • 3 x 10MHz low phase noise
  • 1 PPS output plus 1PPS input reference
  • RS-232 time status data and terminal