PDU 240

24 Output, 2 Channel 1PPM - 10MPPS Digital Pulse Distribution Unit



  •  24 fault protected, short rise time outputs - 10ns @ 3.3V.. 20ns @ 10V
  • One or two digital reference signal inputs A or A & B in the range 1PPM to 10MPPS
  • Output amplitude configurations : 3.3V, 5V and 10V user defined
  • Automatic reference changeover with reference select input option
  • Fault discrete inputs for external reference selection
  • Compact 1U, 19” rack mount with front panel status indication
  • Link selectable Input & Output Impedances - 50 Ohm or 1KOhm



The PDU-240 Pulse Distribution Unit is a high quality, two channel precision digital pulse distribution platform offered with a number of functional variants. Applications for the PDU-240 include reliable digital pulse signal distribution such as 1PPS, IRIG DCLS or Have Quick in systems designed for satellite ground stations, secure military communications and range timing.

The PDU-240 base unit model has twenty-four digital pulse outputs available at the rear panel via BNC connectors in response to one (Ref A :- 24 Out) or optionally two (Ref A & Ref B :- 2 x 12 Out) signal source reference inputs feeding the transfer switch. When used in the 2 x 12 output dual input reference mode, the PDU-240 automatically detects a failure of an input reference, thereby facilitating either automatic or manual switchover to the other reference input.

A three-position front panel switch facilitates the manual selection of either reference A or reference B or an automatic selection mode. When the automatic AUTO mode is selected the AUTO indicator will be illuminated and Input A will be used by default if it is viable. Should Input A fail then Input B will be chosen automatically. Front panel indicators show the status of the inputs and which input has been selected along with a power status indication.

Each of the twenty-four outputs is continually monitored and should an output fail for any reason, then a group alarm Fault indicator will illuminate and trigger a rear panel discrete Fault alarm signal that may be used by external equipment to modify the reference and output signal routing and selection.



  • 24 discrete, fault tolerant and fully monitored digital outputs on BNC connectors
  • Two independent reference signal inputs, A,B or both
  • Fault status indication and fault driven reference changeover