LoRaWAN 1-Phase Current Meter with 1 x 75A Clamp-On CT

Anewtech N-R718N17 lora-1-Phase-Current-Meter LoRaWAN Sensor Netvox


  • ER14505 battery (3.6V/section) in parallel power supply
  • Protection level: host body IP53, sensor IP30
  • The base is attached with a magnet that can be attached to a ferromagnetic material object
  • Adopt clamp-on current transformer, it can be easily connected with the device to be monitored
  • LoRaWANTM Class A compatible
  • Frequency Hopping Spread Spectrum (FHSS)
  • Improved power management for longer battery life


Input Power 2 x 3.6V ER14505 AA Size lithium batteries (3.6V2400mah/section)
Standby Current 25uA
Receiving Current (max) 11mA @3.3V
Transmitting Current (max) 127mA/3.3V
Battery Measurement Accuracy Accuracy ±0.1V
Current Resolution 1mA
Current Measurement Range 100mA to 75A (varies according to the configuration of the current transformer)
Frequency Range 863MHz-928MHz 470MHz-510MHz
TX Power US915 20dbm; AS923 16dbm; AU915 20dbm; CN470 19.15dbm; EU868 16dbm; KR920 14dbm; IN865 20dbm;
Receiving Sensitivity -136dBm(LoRa,Spreading Factor=12,Bit Rate=293bps ); -121dBm (FSK,Frequency deviation=5kHz, Bit Rate=1.2kbps)
Antenna Type Built-in antenna
Communication Distance Up to 10 km (visible linear obstacle-free transmission distance , actual transmission distance depends on the environment )
Data Transfer Rate LoRa: 0.3kbps~50kbps FSK: 1.2kbps~300kbps
Modulation LoRa/FSK (Note: You can choose one of them)
Supportable LoRaWAN Band EU863-870,US902-928,AU915-928,KR920-923,AS923-1,AS923-2,AS923-3,IN865-867,CN470-510 (Note: The frequency band is optional and needs to be configured before shipment)
Main Body Dimension Host body: L: 112 mm *W: 88.19 mm *H: 32 mm Sensor: H:37.5 *L:39 *W:14
Host body Weight About 141 g
Sensor Weight About 49.6g
Sensor External Wiring Length About 900mm
Environment Temperature Range -20℃ ~ 55℃
Storage Temperature Range -40℃~85℃
Environment Humidity Range < 90%RH (No condensation)
Mounting Screw / Magnet

LoRaWAN single-phase current detector is used to detect single-phase electrical input current. The device is compatible with the LoRaWAN protocol, and integrates a chip module that conforms to the LoRaWAN wireless protocol to display the collected data in the gateway.