Facial Recognition Access Control System

Intelli-Temperature Attendance System is designed to replace manual time-consuming and manpower intensive temperature screening process. The system captures and recognizes human face, measures body temperature, and work parallel with existing EM-lock door access system

Productivity Solutions Grant (PSG) Support*

Intelli-Temperature Attendance System is supported under Productivity Solutions Grant (PSG) from 6/10/2020 to 31/12/2020.
Receive up to 80% funding support for eligible costs.

Package Usual Price (S$) After PSG Grant (S$)
Package A (On-Premise - 1 unit) $1900 $380
Package B (On-Premise - 2 units) $3650 $730
Package C (On-Premise - 3 units) $5425 $1425

*Subject to eligibility and approval



  • Built-in non-touch high-precision thermal imaging module
  • Infrared body detection technology
  • Supports face mask detection
  • Temperature detection with Green (Normal temperature)/ Red (Abnormal temperature) colour indicator
  • Record both staff and visitor records
  • Supports door /gate access control protocol
  • Features SafeEntry with NRIC & TraceTogether Token
  • Supports manual data input: ID card number, name, contact number and company name
  • 30 days data storage

System Architecture:




Public Area


Office / Commercial Building


Automated Gate


Temperature Detection Yes
Facial Recognition Yes
Access Control Relay to activate EM-lock to open door
Manual Data Input Yes
Data Input Field
  • ID card Number (only record last 4 digit)
  • Name
  • Contact Number
  • Company Name
Staff Attendance Record Yes, with photo
Visitor Record Yes, with photo
Report Type
  • Staff Clock-in and Clock-out
  • Staff Access Log List
  • Visitor with photo, additional field for ID card Number, Name, Contact Number, Company Name
Report Format xls, xlsx, csv, txt
SafeEntry (Singapore only)
  • SafeEntry with NRIC
  • Staff automatically check-in/check-out to SafeEntry
Panel size 8" (9:16), 2 MP resolution
Processor RK3288 Quad-Core
Storage EMMC 8G
Network interface RJ45 Ethernet port, Wi-Fi
Touch Screen Yes
Wiegand 1x Wiegand interface
Power DC12V
Datasheet Download
User Manual Download
Video View

 Solution Flow:


NOTE: This device is an IoT device for temperature detection. Temperature indication is for reference only and not to be used for any medical record or analysis.


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