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Warehouse & Logistics Anewtech-digital-logisitc

For logistics and the supply chain to remain competitive in the new era of the Internet of Things (IoT), user must make use of connected technologies. Smart, digital technologies streamline and connect data between cargo at road, and with terminal operators and authorities, and even inland for inter-modal traffic.

Marine Freight Transportation System Anewtech-marine-transportation

In maritime activities and naval forces, rapid, reliable, and durable technology are mission-critical. We offer marine products that feature industrial-grade design and undergo rigorous testing beyond military standard compliance to ensure safety and performance.

Fleet Management Anewtech-rugged-tablet-fleet-management

Nowadays, most vehicle-based line of work requires  fleet management system to increase job efficiency,  for tasks such as transporting goods or garbage truck waste collection.

Cold Chain Management Anewtech-logistics-Cold-Chain-Management

The cold chain is a supply chain in which goods are maintained in a temperature-controlled environment. It is common in pharmaceutical and food industries. A poorly controlled supply chain can lead to contaminated foods or drugs, which can cause serious illnesses or even death.