Industrial Connectivity

From exploration and development, drilling and production, to fuel transportation and processing, creating reliable, efficient and accurate monitoring and control systems is important for every stage of the oil & gas industry.

Anewtech Systems c1d2 ethernet-switch-ATEX-PC

Anewtech offers ATEX and Class 1 Division 2 (C1D2) certified solutions for maintaining safe operations and collecting sensitive data in remote rig and pipeline locations.

Watch our short video to learn how industrial connectivity solutions, managed by cloud-based Digi Remote Manager®  support the oil and gas industry.

With ruggedized designs and reliable certifications, control centers can get real-time data and communicate effectively on high bandwidth and reliable industrial networks.

Application: Communication Backbone for System Monitoring

Anewtech Systems oil-gas ethernet-switch ATEX-PC

Anewtech provides integrated pipeline network solutions, including C1D2/ATEX industrial Ethernet switches, IP67 Wireless Access Point, and Industrial Layer-3 PoE Ethernet Switch. Redundancy ring technology, O-ring, with its fast fault recovery time of under 10 ms, minimizes interruptions in network transmissions. These networking devices compliance with industrial standard, such as -40 to 70°C operating temperature, IP30 housing and power redundancy, make it convenient and reliable for industrial wireless applications.