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Video Wall Anewtech-video-wall-solution

technology has previously been considered the exclusive domain of large organizations because of high costs and complexity. However, Anewtech video wall solution  with built-in software making the technology accessible to small-to-medium businesses.

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Toilet Feedback System Anewtech-toilet-washroom-feedback-system

provides a convenient tool for monitoring toilet cleanliness and improving toilet service. The 10”/ 15” interactive touch feedback system enables visitor to rate their experience and submit a service request for poor and bad services.

Toilet Feedback System.pdf
Service Robot - Sanbot ELF anewtech-service-robot-sanbot

is an intelligent cloud-based service robot for retail, education, healthcare and hospitality. Sanbot Elf can be applied to a variety of services: to support patients in health care institutions, to deliver orders in restaurants, to provide reception and room service in hotels, as a concierge in reception/ info counter.

Self-Sevice KIOSK Anewtech-self-service-kiosk

Built to support various self-service applications, comes with thermal printer, web camera, QR scanner & RFID card reader. The KIOSK is equipped with high performance Intel®  Core i5 processor, enable business owner to deliver unified interactive services that increase customer satisfaction.

Intelli-Signage Anewtech-intelli-sigange-interactive-touch-signage

Integrated touch screen and age and gender recognition are making digital signage more connected, interactive, and personalized. solutions combine highly reliable touch screen system, content design software, remote management and data analytics.

Intelli-Kitchen Anewtech-intelli-kitchen-kds

The heart of a restaurant is absolutely the kitchen. The provision of kitchen display system (KDS) increases restaurant efficiency by connecting front-of-house staff with the kitchen staff and enabling seamless communication, reduced human errors, and improved service speeds.

Food Safety Temperature Monitoring Anewtech-haccp-temperature-monitoring

Smart temperature monitoring  system aims to solve traditional   manpower intensive manual temperature record  and  food safety problems using IoT temperature sensor, wireless technology, and cloud-based solution. 

Customer Survey System Anewtech-customer-survey-system

has emerged as by far the best method of periodically assessing the customer satisfaction. Survey System allows customer to provide immediate feedback about their experience, which is ideal for service counter applications such as hospital, banking and hospitality.

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