Customer Survey System

Customer Survey System has emerged as by far the best method of periodically assessing the customer satisfaction. Survey System allows customer to provide immediate feedback about their experience, which is ideal for service counter applications such as hospital, banking and hospitality.

By conducting surveys, a company can understand the customers’ thoughts, perception, and experience regarding its product and services. It gives an insight into the performance of the product and services as well as the improvements desired in order to satisfy them. Each counter can be equipped with a customer survey system to enable instant feedback. This data on customer satisfaction ratings of individual sites can be transformed into real-time reports, providing management with the insight to establish operation optimization strategies.

How It Works ?


Page 1:

Survey system shows 1  question with 5 icons (answers). If user click poor or bad icon, it will go to Page 2.


Page 2:

Multiple choice answer. A user can choose more than one icon. Press submit button to send feedback.


Page 3:

After thank you message. The system plays advertisement (image only) at idle time


Anewtech-Systems-customer-survey-customer-feedback-survey-system Hardware: 10.1” Wide Screen Touch Panel PC

  • 10.1" Touch Screen with 16:10
     (1280 x 800) widescreen display

  • Projected Capacitive Touch Panel

  • Intel® Celeron J1900 Processor





  • Support 4 languages (English + 3 others)

  • Max 10 questions

  • Each question max 5 answer (icon)

  • Support advertisement in idle time (.jpg or .png only)

  • Editable staff setting and photo

  • Editable questionnaires, icons

  • Report in English only

  • Real-time report, export to Excel spreadsheet


Anewtech-Systems-customer-feedback-survey-system-statisticReal-time Report

Once customer completed the survey, the survey data sent to backend server via Wi-Fi/ LAN.

Statistics are automatically tabulated and presented in an easy to read graphical format in real time.  The report can be exported in Ms Excel Format and is set up to be delivered directly via email, providing key performance indicator (KPI) information straight to management.



Anewtech-Systems-customer-feedback-system-customer-satisfactionCustomer Satisfaction

High customer satisfaction ratings can have powerful effects in the form of reduced negative word of mouth and increase in the number of loyal customers.

In an era of high competition and expectation, customer survey is essential tools in gaining insight about the customer satisfaction levels.


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