Integrated touch screen and age and gender recognition are making digital signage more connected, interactive, and personalized. solutions combine highly reliable touch screen system, content design software, remote management and data analytics.

Productivity Solutions Grant (PSG) Support*

Intelli-Signage is supported under Productivity Solutions Grant (PSG). Receive up to 80% funding support for eligible costs.

Package Usual Price (S$) After PSG Grant (S$)
Intelli-Signage 1 unit $5000 $1264

*Subject to eligibility and approval




  • Drag-and-drop content design
  • Supports touch content
  • Supports spin the wheel
  • Supports video, image, text, html (YouTube Live News), live tag, flip image, joint image
  • Tag advertisements according to age and gender group
  • Provides preview check
  • Download Intelli-Signage Layout



  • Central management for content and players
  • Remote player monitoring & control
  • Remote upload of content to the cloud
  • Supports multiple accounts with different authority access



The analytics data are important for a marketer to measure marketing campaign effectiveness. Simply log in to the cloud to access the data at anytime, anywhere using any devices.

  • Age and gender report
  • Touch click report
  • People Counting report


Interactive Content:


Industry: Restaurant

  • As a digital menu board
  • Customers tap on the category icon to view more menu
  • Content include touch category, menu image slide show and running image

Industry: Tourism

  • As a digital tour flyer
  • Customers tap on category icon to find out more details
  • Content include touch category, video and image slide show

Industry: Jewellery

  • As a digital poster
  • Customers tap on category icon to view more offering
  • Content include touch category, image slide show and gold price



Anewtech-intelli-signage-interactive-attract-customers Anewtech-intelli-signage-interactive-competitor Anewtech-intelli-signage-interactive Anewtech-intelli-signage-interactive-sales
Capture attention Advantage over the competition Touch & interactive content Impulse purchase
More folks are fascinated by digital signage than outdated banners. The interactive graphics, and video attract attention even from a distance. Providing customers with an immersive and accessible in-store experience is becoming a vital part of a retail operation. A business wants to stay constantly in the public eye, by carry out regular advertising campaign in-store. Interactive signage helps to remain the brand in public eye, create brand awareness and generate a positive brand image. Interactive digital signage allows customers to access the information according to their preferences. Providing product information through well designed touch interfaces help customers enjoy their in-store experience while delivering key messaging. Digital Signage can increase the chances of impulse purchase, reduce perceived wait times at queue, which in turn help to create a positive brand experience and can lead to revenue increase.


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