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WISE-PaaS/EdgeLink Anewtech-edge-computing-wise-paas-edgelink

WISE-PaaS/EdgeLink provides a solution for Machine to Intelligent (M2I), bridge the data from the edge to clouds. Without frequent on-site maintenance and service trips incurring the time and costs, users will be able to monitor critical assets, track equipment performance, and receive alarm notifications.

WebAccess SCADA Anewtech-webaccess-scada-ESRP-scada-software

WebAccess/SCADA is a 100% web-based SCADA software solution/IIoT platform with open interfaces for developing IoT applications aimed at various vertical markets. It also acts as a gateway for collecting data from ground equipment and transferring the data to cloud applications via MQTT publish/subscribe.

WebAccess HMI Anewtech-webaccess-hmi-software

WebAccess/HMI is powerful yet intuitive software to create total solutions for Human Machine Interface products. WebAccess/HMI Designer is proven in many application fields and is an easily integrated development tool. The features include solution-oriented screen objects, high-end vector graphics, Windows fonts for multi-language applications, recipe, alarm, data logger and operation logging.

WebAccess CNC Anewtech-webaccess-cnc-machine-monitoring

WebAccess/CNC is a core software solution for networking CNC machines. Leveraging the web-based architecture of the WebAccess/SCADA platform, WebAccess/CNC provides not only crucial CNC networking functions but also the benefits of SCADA software for CNC machining. With the inclusion of I/O device monitoring capabilities, WebAccess/CNC enables CNC information management and status visualization.