WebAccess CNC

WebAccess/CNC is a core software solution for networking CNC machines. Leveraging the WebAccess/SCADA platform, WebAccess/CNC provides crucial CNC networking functions with the inclusion of I/O device monitoring capabilities.


Designed specifically for the machine tool market, WebAccess/CNC is integrated with numerous SCADA drivers and can support a wide range of CNC, I/O, and PLC devices to facilitate equipment data collection and industrial networking application development.

  • Automatically generates CNC projects for WebAccess/SCADA
  • Supports CNC machine and I/O device monitoring
  • Supports leading CNC network controllers
  • Provides CNC machining status and PLC register monitoring
  • Provides CNC availability queries and NC file transfer function
  • Provides historical CNC alarm and operation queries
  • Supports all features and functions of WebAccess/SCADA
Service Architecture


WebAccess/CNC Features Highlight
Anewtech-Systems-wise-paas-webaccess-cnc-overview CNC Overview

Provides real time information of the connection status, operation mode, CNC status, alarm status and availability.

Anewtech-Systems-wise-paas-webaccess-cnc-Information CNC Information

Provides the machine coordination information, operation information, G code and spindle information.

Anewtech-Systems-wise-paas-webaccess-cnc-Availability Availability

Provides details of CNC availability inquiries to handle production efficiency.

Anewtech-Systems-wise-paas-webaccess-cnc-Alarm CNC Alarm

Provides historical alarms from CNC records that can be used as an important reference for the maintenance of machines.

Anewtech-Systems-wise-paas-webaccess-cnc-Program NC Program management

Provides an upload and download function for NC files and the edit interface to program the NC files.

Anewtech-Systems-wise-paas-webaccess-cnc-parameters Set parameters

Provides a configuration interface to modify the coordinate compensation and tool compensation parameters.

Anewtech-Systems-wise-paas-webaccess-cnc-servo-spin Servo Spin

Provides real time monitoring of spindle loading to analyze tool wear or damage condition.

Anewtech-Systems-wise-paas-webaccess-cnc-maintenance Maintenance

Maintenance configuration interface provides basic preventive maintenance functions and manufacturer contact information.


WebAccess/CNC Specification
Number of CNC connections 5 / 10 / 20 (maximum of 20)
Supported CNC controllers Fanuc, Mitsubishi, Heidenhain, Siemens, Advantech LNC
Number of built-in I/O tags 75
Number of extensible CNC connections 5/10
Number of extensible tags 75 / 300 / 600 / 1500 / 5000
Web clients 1024
Alarm logs 30,000
Action logs 30,000



CNC Machine Management

CNC Management bridge the gap from traditional machine management to optimization by facilitating cross-factory machine management in order to improve processing efficiency.