WebAccess HMI

WebAccess/HMI Designer is an easy integrated HMI development tool. The features include solution-oriented screen objects, high-end vector graphics, Windows fonts for multi-language applications, recipe, alarm, data logger and operation logging.


WebAccess/HMI Designer also provides online/offline simulation and other utility programs such as Data Transfer Helper (DTH), recipe editor and text editor.

WebAccess/HMI: HMI Runtime Development Software
• Smart screen management
• Project-based management for multiple applications
• Software support for a diverse range of machines
• Provides efficient tools for easy customization
• Boosts performance with simulations
• Enhanced data security

Software Features
  • Allows users to manage multiple HMI applications in one project
  • Allows users to dynamically switch language, with Unicode and multilingual screen text supported
  • Provides password protection of designs, macros and upload/download operations
  • Running various applications on Open Platform with different O.S. - RTOS/WinCE and Windows O.S.
  • Link and control automation controller directly from the platform
  • Provides index registers for modifying device addresses at runtime
  • Collects data from many devices with various methods
  • Supports various data acquisition and trend presentation
  • Operation log helps the review and investigation of important events
  • Flexible runtime download through serial / Ethernet and memory cards.
  • Allows the use of USB Memory Stickers for trouble-free updating of the application
  • Supports over 350 industrial communication protocols such as SIMATIC S7-1200, BACNet MSTP/ BACNet IP etc. and the driver list is growing


HMI Design Features
Anewtech-Systems-scada-wise-paas-webaccess-hmi Animated dashboard
  • Dynamic numerical value display
  • Pipeline & dynamic flow diagram
  • Bar chart/ histogram
  • Rich automation device icon library
Anewtech-Systems-scada-wise-paas-webaccess-hmi Alarm
  • Active alarm message
  • Alarm by email
  • Alarm history
  • Alarm history export (Excel CSV)
Anewtech-Systems-scada-wise-paas-webaccess-hmi History
  • Historical trend chart
  • Historical table for search
  • Historical data export (Excel CSV)
Anewtech-Systems-scada-wise-paas-webaccess-hmi Schedule
  • Calendar chart
  • Weekly event schedule
  • Pre-schedule process parameter
WebAccess/HMI V2.1 Specification
Battery backed user memory ($N) 131072 words
Number of Analog Alarm Blocks 64
Number of communication links 4/16
Number of Data Loggers 16
Number of Discrete Alarm Blocks 64
Number of macros No Limitation
Number of objects in one screen No Limitation
Number of passwords Developer Password: 1
Number of Recipe Blocks 16
Number of recipes per Recipe Block 65535
Number of Samples (Each Block) 4194304
Number of Schedules 80
Number of screens 7999
Recipe Size 8192 words
Regular user memory ($U) 131072 words
Sample Size (Each Block) 1023 words
I/O Tag Number Scalable: 150 tags to 9999 tags
Number of font templates per language 20
Number of languages for one project 10
Number of panel applications for one project 128
Internal Tag Number Unlimited
WebAccess/HMI Features Highlight




Connected Manufacture Equipment

Easily acquire 100% of equipment data through 450 PLC drivers, self-defined communication protocols and a distributed digital I/O module.