Vision Inspection for Product Traceability

Vision sensor is a powerful error proofing tool in manufacturing process. It provides reliable part or features presence/absence and position detection, plus dimension verification and accurate barcode reading.


Increases product quality

  • Eliminates unreliable manual inspection
  • Allows 100 % quality checking instead of audit checking
  • Provides the resolution needed for reliable quality inspection
  • Enables automated barcode reading

Increases productivity

  • Improves line speed and error proofing
  • Minimizes false code reads with very high code resolution
  • Catches errors sooner to reduce unplanned downtime

The vision solutions BVS meet the growing demands of state-of-the art production systems for high productivity, flexibility, and maximum quality. The vision sensors BVS E offers a large number of extremely efficient image processing functions. These functions can be flexibly combined for reliable fault detection and quality inspection, or for the secure reading and verification of codes. The vision sensor BVS E proves its reliability time after time.

Advantages of the vision sensor BVS E

  • A vision sensor replaces many different sensors
  • Flexible configuration
  • Easy to use; PC software for all sensor types
  • Robust and industrial-grade
  • Easy and flexible installation
  • Low costs and fast ROI

Featured Products:


BVS-E Advanced vision sensor

  • Quality control also on parts with random rotational position
  • Simple changing of the inspection task for changing lots means high system availability

BVS-E Infrared vision sensor

  • Spurious ambient light is blocked
  • No disturbance of employees
  • Light intensity 10% higher than comparable red light sensors

BVS-E Standard vision sensor

  • Cost-saving: one sensor for multiple tasks
  • Early defect detection ensures the highest quality
  • Fast format changing through simple switching of inspection functions

BVS-E Universal vision sensor

  • Checking of part orientation or position
  • Quality control also on parts with random rotational position
  • Simple changing of the inspection task means high system availability
Anewtech-industrial  Advanced-vision-sensor

Industrial Camera

  • Standardized data interfaces (GigE-Vision and USB3-Vision) as well as standardized programming interface GEN<i>CAM
  • Integrated memory and FPGA unit for flexible adaptation of integrated functions
  • Fast data processing

SmartCamera for machine vision

  • Smart data management for limiting the load on Profinet
  • Simple integration into the production environment through IO-Link
  • Safe, customer-specific result management for the controller or for the server
  • Robust, industrial-grade design