For factory automation, it is necessary to have accurate realtime information of automated production-line at all times. 

WebAccess/SCADA is a  SCADA software solution with open interfaces for developing IoT applications. It also acts as a gateway for collecting data and transferring the data to cloud applications.

Factory Energy Management System (FEMS) integrates hardware and software within industrial applications where typically a 7-10% energy saving can be achieved in facilities.

Industrial Identification with a full line of  HF RFID systems specifically for manufacturing. Our experience has enabled us to provide field-proven solutions for traceability in manufacturing facilities.

The point of IIoT (Industrial IoT) is to deploy many types of sensors in factory to collect vast quantities of information and send the corresponding data to the on-premises server or cloud for data analysis.

Overall Equipment Effectiveness (OEE) solution realizes industry 4.0 through data acquisition, and analysis of machine availability. OEE improves productivity, reduce loss, and increase profit.

Machine Vision and Optical Identification: Vision sensors and industrial cameras for industrial-grade image processing and quality inspection

Effective use of monitoring and diagnostic solutions, not only to prevent equipment failure for enhancing the capacity and stability, but also to greatly save maintenance costs.