Cold Chain Management

Cold chain is a supply chain in which goods are maintained in a temperature-controlled environment. It is common in pharmaceutical and food industries.

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Cold chain management solution spans temperature and humidity sensors, gateways, an Android APP for configuring the sensors and a backend dashboard that displays the data collected along the cold chain and presents a map indicating where the temperature is poorly controlled, leaving stocks at risk of being damaged. The temperature and humidity sensors pass data to a gateway, and the gateway uploads the data to the cloud. The manager can use cold chain management platform to monitor cold-chain logistics in different stores simultaneously in real time.

System Architecture
Application Story
A Supermarket Chain Strives to Deliver Food Quality and Safety

A global supermarket branch has implemented cold chain solution in its distribution centers, warehouses, refrigerator trucks, and retail stores closely monitor the transportation and storage of food products. Through sensors installed in refrigerator trucks, the owner can monitor the temperatures at which his food orders are delivered in the trucks to the store.


Temperature and humidity sensors are installed to ensure they are stored at proper temperatures in fridges and freezers. Through the cold chain management dashboard, the owner can have real-time access to the data collected by the sensors and get notifications when something goes wrong in the supply chain, warehouses and his store.

Cold chain solution enables store owners to efficiently and effectively control the quality of food products and minimize risks due to poor maintenance of the storage environment.