Ultimate Performance, Efficiency, and Flexibility with X14 Servers powered by Intel® Xeon® 6 Processors


Introducing the more powerful, efficient, and versatile Supermicro X14 portfolio. X14 combines the flexibility of Supermicro’s industry-leading Building Block Solutions with Supermicro’s rack-scale integration and complete liquid cooling solutions to deliver customized, workload-optimized solutions at any scale for a range of AI, HPC, Cloud, and Edge workloads. 

Powered by Intel Xeon 6 processors (formerly codenamed Sierra Forest and Granite Rapids), X14 deliver higher performance-per-watt and performance-per-core to accelerate any workload.

Supermicro X14 Supports Intel Xeon 6700 Series Processors

  • Industry’s broadest portfolio of systems based on Intel® Xeon® 6 processors
  • Rack Scale plug-and-play service to deliver complete, validated solutions
  • Supermicro liquid cooling including CPU/GPU cold plates, Cooling Distribution Unit and Cooling Distribution Manifolds for a complete integrated solution
  • Support for the latest industry technologies including PCIe 5.0, DDR5, CXL 2.0, Open Compute Project (OCP) DC-MHS and OCP 3.0, as well as EDSFF E3.S and E1.S storage form factors

What’s New in Supermicro X14

  • Anewtech-Systems-Supermicro-X14-servers-Singapore-Supermicro-data-center-servers-AI-server-Intel-Xeon-6
    New Intel® Xeon® 6 Processors

  • Anewtech-Systems-Supermicro-X14-servers-Singapore-Supermicro-data-center-servers-AI-server-core
    Higher core count for greater compute density

  • Anewtech-Systems-Supermicro-X14-servers-Singapore-Supermicro-data-center-servers-AI-server-memory
    Faster memory bandwidth and new capabilities to extend capacity

  • Anewtech-Systems-Supermicro-X14-servers-Singapore-Supermicro-data-center-servers-AI-server-EDSFF
    EDSFF E1.S and E3.S NVMe support

  • Anewtech-Systems-Supermicro-X14-servers-Singapore-Supermicro-data-center-servers-AI-server-Modular
    Data Center Modular Hardware System (DC-MHS) support


Cloud Data Center

Highly flexible and configurable rackmount servers ideal for cloud data centers and enterprise applications


Supermicro X14 offers a range of flexible and scalable rackmount solutions optimized for cloud data center, scale-out, and enterprise workloads including cloud-native CDN, scale-out analytics, and cloud services. For maximum performance and flexibility, Hyper supports the highest TDP processors and allows multiple PCIe and storage configurations including all-flash NVMe, while the new CloudDC with DC-MHS is designed to simplify deployment and maintenance for large-scale cloud data center deployments. For general, enterprise and cloud compute needs, WIO provides a balance of compute and efficiency with flexible I/O configurations.

New Intel Xeon 6700 series processors with E-cores are optimized to deliver ultra-high-density compute in the most power-efficient manner. These processors are performance-per-watt optimized with high core density and high-throughput performance, enabling precise matching of CPU compute requirements with the highly flexible X14 rackmount server range for maximum workload optimization and efficiency.


Hyper Server
1U and 2U DP/UP architectures with flexible I/O options



CloudDC with DC-MHS Server 
1U and 2U DP/UP architectures based on the OCP’s Data Center Modular Hardware System



WIO Server
1U and 2U UP architectures designed to maximize I/O flexibility



High-Density Cloud

Maximum core density and shared components for maximum efficiency


Supermicro X14 multi-node architectures are designed to meet the high core density requirements of large-scale cloud computing, CDN, and scale-out storage applications, with new support for the industry-standard EDSFF storage form factors to provide higher density and throughput. The density-optimized, highly efficient SuperBlade supports up to 20 nodes in an 8U enclosure with shared power, cooling and Ethernet switch, while the single-processor optimized GrandTwin features front accessibility and I/O to simplify cold-aisle servicing and maintenance.

The new Intel Xeon 6700 series processors with E-cores bring up to 2.5x higher core density per rack compared to 4th Gen Intel Xeon and improved performance per watt to enable Supermicro X14 multi-node solutions to deliver significantly more compute capacity in a smaller physical footprint.


SuperBlade® Server
DP and UP blades with up to 10 nodes in 6U or 20 nodes in 8U



BigTwin® Server 
DP 2U2N and 2U4N optimized for compute or storage density



GrandTwin® Server
2U4N architecture with front and rear I/O configurations



Edge and Telco

Data center performance and maximum efficiency for the intelligent edge


Supermicro X14 edge and telco systems are optimized for remote and on-premise locations where power and space are at a premium. The flagship Hyper-E dual processor configuration facilitates maximum core density for edge data centers while also supporting multiple double-width GPUs for edge AI inferencing. X14 short-depth systems feature front I/O, optional DC power supplies, and NEBS compliance, enabling easy integration into existing telco and edge infrastructure.

Compared to previous generations, the new Intel Xeon 6 processors deliver higher performance-per-watt, enhanced on-board accelerators, and more cores in the same or lower power envelope. These improvements allow for heavier workloads in power-constrained environments, and result in more efficient systems optimized for edge and telco workloads.


Hyper-E Server
2U rackmount with front I/O and optional DC power



Short-depth Server
UP architectures optimized for Edge data centers and telco cabinets



Petascale Storage Server
Up to 24 E3.S NVMe drives in 2U



Supermicro X14 Advantage

Complete Rack-Scale Solutions

  • Full design, integration, validation and testing services for rack-scale and multi-rack clusters
  • Complete rack-scale liquid cooling solutions developed in house
  • Global manufacturing capacity of 5,000 racks per month including 1,350 liquid-cooled racks

Performance and Energy Optimized

  • Enhanced thermal capacity to support the highest performing CPUs and GPUs
  • Optimized to run in high-temperature data center environments up to 40°C
  • In-house design of Titanium Level power supplies for maximum efficiency

Improved Security and Manageability

  • Industry-standard compliance for hardware and silicon Root of Trust (RoT)
  • Cryptographical attestation of components throughout the entire supply chain
  • Comprehensive remote management capabilities and software

Supports Open Industry Standards

  • The latest industry technologies including PCIe 5.0, DDR5, and CXL 2.0
  • Open Compute Project (OCP) standards including including DC-MHS and OCP 3.0
  • EDSFF E3.S and E1.S storage form factor

Supermicro X14 Server Solutions

Accelerate Innovation: X14 Server Solutions supporting Intel® Xeon® 6 Processors

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X14 White Paper

Supermicro X14 Servers Optimized for Data Center Workloads – Incorporating Intel® Xeon® 6 Series Processors

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